Carbon Rich Base Fertilizer

The implementation standard is NY525-2012

Product common name: humic acid organic fertilizer

Main indicators: organic matter ≥ 45%, NPK ≥ 5%

Other active ingredients: yellow humic acid, medium and trace elements

Product specifications: 25kg

Main Function

1 Improved soil restoration to prevent soil compaction.

Promote the formation of soil aggregates; facilitate the regulation of water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions in the soil; transform poor soil and saline-alkali soil.

Long-term adherence to the application of humic acid fertilizers will fundamentally transform poor soil into fertile soil; promote soil microbial activity.

2. Improve fertilizer utilization, maintain nitrogen, increase phosphorus, activate potassium and trace elements, and strengthen nutrient absorption. During the whole growth period of the crop, the crops are continuously provided with various nutrients needed for growth, and it is not easy to remove fertilizer at the later stage.

3. Promote root development, maintain seedlings, accelerate plant metabolism, promote the accumulation of organic matter, and improve the nutritional status of crops.

4. Increase the microbial community in the soil, alleviate the pollution of heavy metal ions in the soil and slow down the phytotoxicity.

5. Improve fruit yield and quality and reduce pesticide residues.

6. Accelerate growth rate, break dormancy, promote growth and development, prevent falling flowers, fruit cracking, fruit shrinkage, improve product quality, improve crop disease resistance, insect resistance, drought resistance, resistance to mites, cold resistance, salt and alkali resistance, etc. ability.

How to use and precautions

1. Fruit trees, 100-120 kg per mu.

2. Leafy vegetables, the amount of 80 kg per mu as the base fertilizer.

3. Root vegetables, 100-120 kg per acre.

4. Beans, 60-80 kg per acre.

5. Melons and fruits, 100-120 kg per acre.

6. Economic crops, 100 kg per mu.

7. Grain, 40-120 kg per acre.

Long-lasting effect, improve quality, strengthen root system, inhibit disease and stress, prevent insects and insects, reduce heavy and dry obstacles, improve soil fertility, increase yield

Does not contain any animal waste, antibiotics, urban sludge component