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potassium humate

Function of potassium humate

Humic acid is a macromolecular organic substance widely found in nature. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical, building materials, medical and health, environmental protection and other fields, spanning dozens of industries. In particular, it now advocates ecological agriculture construction, pollution-free agricultural production, green food, pollution-free environmental protection products, etc., and […]

sodium humate

Application of sodium humate

The application progress and application quantity of sodium humate in the breeding industry is not commensurate with the development of animal husbandry. The reason is that the research and development of feed and veterinary drug management system and sodium humate are out of touch, resulting in a lack of work in this area, research and […]

Composition of soil

Soil composition and 10 methods for identifying soil fertility

Composition of soil The soil is a composite of solid, liquid and gas three-phase materials. The solid part is mainly composed of minerals and organic matter, accounting for about 50% of the soil. Among them, minerals generally account for 95% of the solid part; the liquid part is mainly soil solution, which accounts for about […]

Potassium Application in fruits

Role of humic acid in agriculture

Improved soil Humic acid has a hydrophilic colloid that absorbs a lot of water, so it is very good in improving the moisturizing of the soil. In addition, humic acid can act as a penetrant for the soil, reducing the evaporation of soil moisture and providing more effective moisture to the soil. The ability of […]

Humic Acid

Relationship among soil, humic acid, and microorganisms

The soil is alive, and this life is the soil microbe. As we all know, soil is the base of microbes and a natural medium for microbial growth and reproduction. Humic acid runs through the life of the soil and is the “nucleus of life” of the soil. Without humic acid, the soil will lose […]

humic acid

Humic acid is an antidote to pollutants

The safe production of agricultural products and the environmental quality of agricultural production areas bear the brunt. Humic acid is rich in reactive functional groups such as carboxyl groups and phenolic carboxyl groups. Its strong adsorption to metal ions and organic pollutants is of great significance for alleviating heavy metals and organic pollution. Studies have […]

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