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Humus and Humic Substance

Humus Humus is defined as a brown to black complex variable of carbon containing compounds not recognized under a light microscope as possessing cellular organization in the form of plant and animal bodies. Humus is separated from the non humic substances such as carbohydrates (a major fraction of soil carbon), fats, waxes, alkanes, peptides, amino […]


Organic Matter

Organic matter is defined as a grouping of carbon containing compounds which have originated from living beings and deposited on or within the earth’s structural components. Soil organic matter includes the remains of all plant and animal bodies which have fallen on the earth’s surface or purposely applied by man in the form of organically […]

humic substances

Humic Substance

Humic substances are complex organic compounds that are formed through the decay and decomposition of plant and animal matter. They are found in soil, sediment, and water, and play an important role in the environment by influencing the physical, chemical, and biological properties of these systems. Humic substances are composed of a mixture of molecules, […]

Humic Acid

Humic Acids and Humic Substance and Leonardite

Leonardite and Humic Acid It is theorized that Leonardite shale originated from trees and other vegetation, which grew during the carboniferous period when most of North America was a tropical type forest. Over the ages, the vegetation underwent compaction and heating, slowly carbonizing and forming coal. Through this compaction, organic acids and esters present in […]


Humic Acids and its Origin

Organic matter ,humic substance,humic acid ,humate and fulvic acid are closely related,all are come from the natural process of decaying plants and animals body.Organic matter is defined that all the organic substance in the soil with Hydrocarbonated base(containing hydrogen, carbon and oxygen).Humic substance is pure substance from process of humification with stronger Cation Exchange Capacity […]

Humic acid counter drought

Humic Acids Has Strong Capability to Counter Droungt

Humic acid can help counter drought by improving soil water retention and increasing plant tolerance to drought stress. Humic acid is a natural substance that is found in soil, compost, and other organic matter. When added to soil, humic acid can help to improve soil structure and water-holding capacity, which can increase the availability of […]

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