Difference between potassium fulvic and potassium humate

Difference between potassium fulvate and potassium humate

1.Different ingredients

potassium fulvate: The main component of potassium fulvate is a short carbon chain molecular structure substance.

Potassium Humate: The main component of potassium humate is an aromatic hydroxycarboxylate.

2.Different sources

potassium fulvate: potassium fulvate is extracted from natural humic acid.

Potassium humate: Potassium humate is extracted from lignite using KOH liquid reaction.

3.Different applications

potassium fulvate: potassium fulvate is mainly used in agriculture and horticulture industries.

Potassium humate: Potassium humate is mainly used in various fields such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, medicine and health, and environmental protection.

4.Difference between humic acid and potassium humate

Humic acid has big molecule weight and not soluble in water,slightly soluble in alkalin solution.

Humate is salt of humic acid is complete soluble in water

In order to be soluble, humates in raw form such as lignite or leonardite must go through an alkaline extraction process. Any of the salts like potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide can be used as the extractant. The potassium hydroxide extracted form is preferred for fertilizing application as potassium hydroxide (the extractant) is acceptable to many of the organic registration bodies while sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide are not. Due to the low use rate of soluble humates they are not used as a main source of potassium for crops. The potassium is only there as a result of the extractant used. We do not advise increasing the level of potassium beyond what is already in our product as it will raise the pH and place the product in the “Dangerous Goods” category for transport which is much more costly. If you require potassium for the crop we recommend using normal potassium sulfate applied with a 5% inclusion of Soluble Humate Granules.

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