Fulvic Acid

Mineral Fulvic Acid

Mineral Fulvic Acid is extracted from lignite and leonardite.In black powder and flake form,soluble in water.Mainly used as spray and irrigation fertilizer in agriculture,better to mix use with NPK fertilizer.

Main Specification

AppearanceBlack PowderBlack Powder
Product codeSHA-FA-1SHA-FA-2
K₂O(dry basis)10.0% min10%min
Moisture15% min15% min
C.E.C1200meq/100g min1500meq/100g min
Fulvic Acid(dry basis)30% min50% min

Mineral Fulvic Acid Function

1.Unlock Minerals.

Humic acid and fulvates can realse the ions .As Phosphorus fertilisers bond with ions of Ca, Mg, Al, and Fe that are present in soil and form inert compounds, which are inaccessible to plants.

2.Extend Fertiliser

The electrical features of HuMates influence known chemical reactions. Both groups of complex organic acids, humic acids and fulvic acids have been proven to be involved in three specific chemical reactions.

3.Extend Urea

The most dramatic impact of humic acid and fulvic acid is on urea because it will hold and slow release the nitrogen, leading to much higher (greater than 40%) dry matter and MORE volume. You can either reduce the amount of urea you apply or get more production from your current application.

4.Cation Exchange Capability

By adding fulvic acid will improve the holding capacity of any soil with a low CEC rating.

5.Reducing Toxicity

Fulvic acid and humate stabilises or assists in the degradation of toxic substances such as: nicotine, aflatoxins, antibiotics, shallots, and most organic pesticides. In the microbial degradation process not all of the carbon contained within these toxins is released as CO2. A portion of these toxic molecules, primarily the aromatic ring compounds are stabilised and integrated within the complex polymers of humic substances.

6.Root System

Fulvic acid and Humate have a very pronounced influence on the growth of plant roots. When humic acids and/or fulvic acids are applied to soil enhancement of root initiation and increased root growth are observed.

7.Foliar Sprays

Liquid HuMates, humic acid and fulvic acids are excellent foliar fertiliser carriers and activators. Their application in combination with trace elements and other plant nutrients, as foliar sprays, can improve the growth of plant foliage, roots, and fruits.


Woven/Kraft bags with line 20kgs or 25kgs net weight