Potassium Humate Granules

Potassium Humate Granule

Product Description

Potassium Humate Granule is black granules,water soluble,with Humic acid content around 50% ,potassium content 6%min.Can be used as base fertilizer.

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack Granule
 Product codeSHA-KHA-G
 Potassium(K₂O dry basis)8.0% min
 Moisture15.0% min
 Humic Acid(dry basis)55.0% min
Fulvic Acid(Dry Basis)5%min
 Partical size5-6mm

Potassium Humate Function

1) Potassium humate can improves soil structure thus to increases water holding capacity and soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) to increase soil fertility.
2) Increase and stimulates beneficial microorganisms proliferation ,which will also improve the soil structure and water holding capacity.
3) Increase the fertilizer utilization.For nitrogen fertilizer will be held and slow released,phosphorus will be released from Al3+ and Fe3+ ,also will chelate the micro elements and make it into plant absorb table form .
4) Potassium Humate can counter drought- and pesticide-induced stress
5) Stimulate seed germination and enhances development of root system,seedling growth and shoot growth
6) Decrease residues of herbicides pesticide and heavy metals toxins in soil thus enhance the yields quality.

Most importantly

  1. Addition of organic matter to deficient soils and increase of soil fertility.
  2. Increase of vitality and root development.
  3. Increase of the cation exchange capacity and improvement of nutrient absorption.
  4. Increase of chlorophyll synthesis.
  5. Improvement of seed germination.
  6. Stimulation of beneficial microbial activity.
  7. Improves the soil structure and the water retention capacity.
  8. It naturally chelates the microelements of alkaline soils and increases its availability for plants.

The plant growth is improved through the structural improvement of the soil, not only in clay soils, but also in the sandy ones; it improves the development and the radicular growth. When this product is applied to clay soils, it helps to break the compacted soils and it allows to increase the water penetration and to improve the growth and development area of roots. When it is applied to sandy soils, it adds the essential organic matter, which is needed for water retention. Therefore, roots can grow and the clay soils can keep and avoid the washing of vital nutrients for plants.

The plant growth is also favoured, due to the improvement of the plant hability for absorbing nutrient. It is especially beneficial for the liberation of the nutrients that are retained on the soil, so it makes them available for the plant when it needs them.  

The activity of the beneficial soil microorganisms is crucial for the soil sustainability and for the plant growth. Humic acids stimulate the microbial activity, because they are a carbon source for their alimentation, favouring then their growth and activity. Soil microorganisms are responsible of the nutrient solubilization, like phosphor, making them available for the plant. Besides, microorganisms are responsible too for the continuous formation of hummus in the soil, because they break organic matter that is not completely decomposed.

The use of the product on a regular basis reduces the fertilization needs, because both, soil and plant, are going to do a better use of nutrients. In some cases, fertilization can be completely eliminated if the is enough organic matter, so the soils can be self-sufficient through the microbial processes and the hummus production.

Finally, what is more interesting for farmers is that plants are more healthy, with a stimulated growth and it is obtained a higher productivity, profitability and quality of the harvest.

Potassium Humate Granule Use

Apply 5-10kg/ha with base fertiliser or 10% of total fertiliser application. Apply upto 25 kg/ha in soils where extreme salt/ excesses are present.


1) Woven/Kraft bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight.
2) Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.

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