Mineral source potassium humate

First, quickly add carbon nutrition to solve the lack of soil “carbon”
       Potassium humate is rich in high-quality activated water-soluble humic acid ions. It is a high-quality organic carbon source, which can effectively supplement the soil due to insufficient mechanism to cause obvious carbon deficiency, regulate soil carbon-nitrogen ratio, and promote the rapid expansion of beneficial microorganisms. At the same time, it can be directly absorbed by crops as an organic nutrient, which regulates the carbon-nitrogen ratio of plants, and has obvious effects such as rooting, nitrogen control, fruit expansion, addition and coloration.

Second, regulate acid soil, treat dead root rotten seedlings
      The potassium humate is made of alkaline water-soluble humic acid, which can effectively neutralize the acidity of the soil and prevent dead roots, rotten seedlings and root rot caused by acidity in the soil. At the same time, it can passivate heavy metals in the soil and prevent heavy metal poisoning in crops.

Third, nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium, water and fertilizer
       Potassium humate with negatively charged organic acids can effectively adsorb water molecules and clay particles to form agglomerate structure, which plays a role in water retention and loose soil; potassium humate can enhance soil cation exchange capacity and promote nutrient free movement in soil and improve Fertilizer utilization rate has a strong adsorption effect on ammonium and potassium ions, which can effectively prevent nutrients from being lost with water infiltration; potassium humate can integrate medium and trace elements fixed by phosphorus in soil, promote phosphorus and medium Trace elements are effectively absorbed by plants.

Fourth, anti-inflammatory sterilization rooting, treatment of root rot yellow leaves
       Potassium humate contains functional groups of active humic acid, which can effectively release negative oxygen ions with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal functions. It can play an important therapeutic role for root rot caused by fungal infection of fruit trees. At the same time, humic acid and amino acids have obvious stimulating effects on the growth of plant roots, which can effectively promote the growth of new roots of plants and promote the absorption of nutrients by roots. Solve plant yellow leaf disease.

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