Humic Acid is not soluble in water,in powder and granular form.Usually used as soil conditioner or fertilizer additives.

Main Specification

Appearance                                 Black Powder        Black Granule         Black Powder            Black Granule
Product code                               SHA-HA-1-P         SHA-HA-1-G           SHA-HA-2-P             SHA-HA-2-G
Organic Matter(dry basis)        85.0%min              85%min                   80.0%min                   80%min
C.E.C                                            ≥2000meq/100g  ≥200meq/100g     ≥200meq/100g          ≥200meq/100g
Humic Acid(dry basis)              60.0%min             60%min                   50.0%min                    50%min
Particle size /mesh                    60mesh                  2-4mm                     60mesh                        2-4mm
pH                                                  4-6                         4-6                             4-6                                 4-6


  1. Improve soil structure,balance soil pH,increase soil CEC to enhance soil fertility and water holding capability.
  2. Create good environment for microbial mass,by return microbial mass will improve the soil structure.
  3. Stimulate seed germination in short time,Greatly increase harvest and fruits quality.
  4. Increase plants capability to counter stress and disease.


  1. Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight
  2. Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.