Potassium humate effect in Agriculture

Potassium humate promotes the development of crop roots, and the underground part of the crop is more abundant. The deeper absorption of water by the soil is greatly improved, which is also an important reason to improve the drought resistance of crops.

Potassium humate changed the physical and chemical properties of the soil and greatly improved the soil’s ability to adsorb and retain water. In the case of using potassium humate as the base fertilizer, the soil water content is greatly improved. The application of potassium humate is indeed an important technology for drought-resistant and water-saving agriculture.

Potassium humate can improve the drought resistance and cold resistance of crops, and the application of HA substances, on the one hand, enhance the plant’s resistance to internal factors, and potassium humate promotes plant growth and enhances its own defense ability. At the same time, potassium humate can coordinate the physiological and biochemical reactions of plants to adapt to the adversity, overcome the constraints of stress, offset or mitigate the damage of various unfavorable factors, the more unfavorable conditions, the more obvious the beneficial effect of potassium humate, thus making the plants Maintain a strong vitality to survive and even increase production in disaster areas and disaster years.

Potassium humate enhances drought, cold and stagnation resistance of crops

1 Potassium humate to improve drought resistance, dry heat resistance.
2 Potassium humate to improve the ability to resist wetness and low temperature.

Discussion on the anti-reverse mechanism of potassium humate

1 Potassium humate reduces the stomatal opening to reduce transpiration intensity and enhance root water absorption.
2 Potassium humate enhances enzyme activity The membrane structure is stable.
3 Potassium humate reduces chlorophyll damage Maintains high photosynthetic rate.
4 Potassium humate accumulates osmotic adjustment substances to improve osmotic adjustment ability.

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