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Potassium humate

Potassium humate chemical structure decide its function

potassium humate is a short carbon chain molecular structure material extracted from natural humic acid. It is the water-soluble part with the smallest molecular weight and the highest active group content in humic acid. Its functional groups interact to reflect a variety of specificities. The physical and chemical properties, after entering the plant body, can […]

potassium humate

Potassium humate of stress resistance to crops

Potassium Humate of stress resistance to crops due to humic acid is a high-efficiency organic potassium fertilizer, because humic acid is a biologically active preparation, which can increase soil available potassium content, reduce potassium loss and fixation, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization, and improve Soil, promote crop growth, improve crop resilience, improve crop quality, […]

significance of potassium humate

Significance of potassium humate in agriculture

Significance of Potassium humate is one of the new environmentally friendly fertilizers, and potassium humate is highly anticipated by the industry. Potassium humate is a mixture of natural macromolecular organic compounds that promote crop growth and increase crop yields. Potassium humate also has physical effects such as improving soil structure, preventing soil cracking and erosion, […]

Potassium humate benefits farming

Potassium humate benefits agricultural farming

How Potassium humate benefits agricultural farming?Firstly,In the soil where humic acid forms agglomerate structure, the activity of microorganisms is strong, the biological activity is high, the nutrient supply is sufficient, and the preservation and supply of soil nutrients can be well coordinated, thereby improving soil fertility: After the soil microorganisms are multiplied, the effective nutrients […]

Application of potassium humate in environment protection

Potassium humate used in environment protection

Application of potassium humate in environment protection and purification has the function of Bio remediation,Improve the environment,Plant protection and food safety. Application of potassium humate has function of Bio remediation At present, the harmless treatment and utilization of industrial and agricultural organic waste (waste) has become the focus of environmental protection in various countries, and […]

Potassium humate functio in agriculture function

Potassium humate function in agricultural

1 .Potassium humate agricultural function is to improve the soil structure. Potassium humate is a humic substance that affects the properties of the soil and promotes the formation of a more stable agglomerate structure in the soil, which increases the content of aggregates ≥ 0.25 mm in the soil by 10-20%, and increases the organic […]

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