Application of humic acid in repairing improved soil

Application of humic acid in repairing improved soil

Humic acid can help the soil form agglomerate structure, increase soil water permeability, water retention, gas permeability, increase cultivating, and regulate soil acidity, increase a large number of nutrients and micronutrients, and facilitate preservation. Quick-acting nutrients in the soil.

Due to the vast territory of China and the wide variety of soils, some barren alkaline soils need to be repaired and improved, and humic acid is fully utilized as a soil improver to increase production and income.
We have a lot in the fields of crops, afforestation, planting pasture, and rebuilding mountains and rivers.
Our company’s humic acid researchers have done a lot of experiments in this area. We improved the calcareous soils in North China and Northwest China with three weathered coal humic acid improvers. The results showed that humic acid performed best on the phosphatase activity and available phosphorus content. Our company proved humic acid by experiments. Fertilizer has five major functions: soil improvement, yield increase, temperature increase, stimulation and aftereffect.

China has proposed to pay attention to the role of humic acid fertilizers in improving and maintaining soil fertility, and introduced Japan’s development of such fertilizers and soil amendments. Humic acid is a good nitrifying agent.

The addition of such substances in urea can significantly improve the fertilizer efficiency and prolong the retention time of urea and nitrogen in the soil. Our company’s experimenter pointed out that the interaction between humic acid and urea is to improve soil fertility. Improving the agrochemical properties of organic-inorganic fertilizers has an important and indispensable role.

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