Potassium humate benefits farming

Potassium humate is important in agricultural production

Potassium humate is important in agricultural production ,due to Potassium humate is a high-efficiency organic potassium fertilizer, because humic acid is a biologically active preparation, which can increase soil available potassium content, reduce potassium loss and fixation, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization, and improve Soil, promote crop growth, improve crop resilience, improve crop quality, and protect agricultural ecosystems. With the deepening of the concept of balanced fertilization, the source of humic acid has been accepted by more and more people, and is expected to be high. This article will introduce the effect of potassium humate.

Method test K2O content in potassium humate

In order to optimize the determination method of potassium oxide content in potassium humate fertilizer products. A comparison was made between the extraction method of hydrochloric acid solution and GB / T17767.3-2010 “Determination methods of organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. Part 3: […]

Potassium humate effect on crops to

Potassium humate effect on crops

Potassium humate effect on crops to stimulate the role of growth metabolism. Potassium humate contains a variety of active functional genes, which can enhance the activity of catalase and polyphenol oxidase in crops, stimulate physiological metabolism and promote growth and […]

What is humic acid

What is humic acid and its origin

Humic acid is a macromolecular organic substance widely found in nature. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical, building materials, medical and health, environmental protection and other fields. In particular, it now advocates the construction of […]