Humic acid repair soil

Humic acid plays a major role in soil remediation

Soil problems have caught everyone’s attention. The State Council issued a notice on the action plan for soil pollution prevention and control, as well as a draft law on soil control, which has been submitted to the National People’s Congress for approval. All of this shows that the country has begun to pay great attention to the protection and treatment of soil pollution. How to achieve such a great goal, such as
How to repair soil pollution? The key issue is to change the traditional way of thinking. To balance thinking, the key is to reduce fertilizer. However, the core of reducing fertilizer is not to use chemical fertilizer. It is necessary to apply fertilizer reasonably. usage of. Humic acid plays an irreplaceable role.

Humic acid is the essence of soil organic matter and is the most effective organic matter. The effect of humic acid on the soil is firstly to increase the soil aggregate diameter and thus the soil porosity. Secondly, humic acid contributes to the controlled release of elements such as NPK through the combination with organic matter. There are also various organic pollutants such as complex heavy metals and pesticide residues, which reduce the pollution degree of soil organic and inorganic pollutants. Third, the amount of microorganisms in the soil can be increased. Humic acid can promote the growth of microorganisms and change various enzymes in the soil, thereby increasing the carbon and nitrogen cycle in the soil.

Among the new types of fertilizers, mineral humic acid fertilizer and ore source fulvic acid fertilizer are very important. In the past, many microbial-rich fertilizers could not be directly mixed with chemical fertilizers, which inhibited the activity of microorganisms and even killed microorganisms. This problem is solved if humic acid is used as the medium. Because humic acid is organic. Therefore, the combination of mineral source humic acid fertilizer and other organic and inorganic fertilizers is relatively safe, and the effect is also 1+1>2.

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