Potassium humate application and function is that Potassium humate has special effects on increasing grain yield, restoring soil fertility, reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and improving the quality of agricultural products. Many farmers now know that potassium humate has a good effect, but many people do not know the principle. It is not good to say why.

In the practical application of agricultural production, potassium humate has the best stability.

The efficacy and application of potassium humate

Potassium humate has the unique effects of small molecular weight, high active gene, improved soil, improved ground temperature, promoted root development, effective regulation of soil pH and soil compaction. In the dry climate, reduce the openness of crop stomata, commonly known as “drought resistance No.1”.

Potassium humate combined with other inorganic fertilizers (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) can fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus, and release potassium, promote the conversion of effective components, and be absorbed and utilized by crops as soon as possible. Experiments show that potassium humate can improve fertilizers. The utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients is more than 20%.

Application of potassium humate in vegetables

mainly to prevent heavy pollution of vegetable soil, serious infection of bacteria; can effectively destroy the growth of soil bacteria; enhance the structure of soil aggregates, effectively promote the rooting of crops, create new roots, promote root development, improve The disease resistance of plants stimulates the growth of vegetables, enhances the photosynthesis of crops, makes vegetables grow vigorously, increases the yield per unit area, and increases the income of vegetable farmers.

Application of potassium humate in fruit trees

It can promote the development of fruit tree roots, improve fertilizer utilization rate, increase fruit set rate, enhance fresh fruit color, improve fruit quality, resist storage after harvest, prevent root rot, and treat diseased trees and diseased branches of fruit trees. Has a good conditioning effect.

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