Potassium Humate effect to Maize Seedlings

Potassium Humate effect to Maize Seedlings

Potassium Humate effect to Maize Seedlings. potassium humate on improving salt resistance of crop growth and its role in chemical regulation of crop growth.

Soaked corn with potassium humate at different concentrations (0, 300, 400, 500 / xg / mL), and studied the protective enzyme activities and malondialdehyde content in the three-leaf stage corn seedlings under salt stress of 100 mmol / L NaCl. Variety.

Compared with the control, the superoxide dismutase activity of soaking corn increased, but there was no significant difference; the peroxidase activity of soaking corn with potassium humate increased, reaching a significant level at 4013 · female / mL, at 500 μg /

A significant level was reached at mL; the catalase activity of corn soaked with potassium humate increased, reaching significant levels at 300 and 400 μg / mL, and extremely significant levels at 500 μg / mL; soaking corn with potassium humate The dialdehyde content decreased, reaching a significant level in the range of 300-500 μg / mL.

Soaking the corn with potassium humate its effect to reduce the degree of membrane lipid peroxidation of the corn under salt stress and improve the salt resistance of the corn.

Basic Function of potassium humate

  • Improve the soil structure,increase fertilizer efficiency, stimulate plant growth, enhance resistance of plants .
  • Increase enfficiency of chemical fertilizer.Formulate potassium humate with inorganic fertilizer can reduce nitrogen loss and acitivate phosphorus,Can fix activation of soil trace elements as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients gradually released for plants needs.
  • As drought-resistant agents, promote root development and improve root vigor,roots can absorb more water and nutrients, reducing plant stomatal opening strength, leaf transpiration and plant water consumption.Also enhanced cold tolerance.
  • Potassium humate can reduce agriculture input cost.Part of the humic acid itself is the soil organic matter can recover the polluted soilm,If mixed use with chemical fertilizer  can reduce the usage of chemical fertilizer, improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce the cost of agriculture.
  • Potassium Humate can degradateof pesticide residues in soil, adsorpt of heavy metal, eliminate or reduce of soil pollution.

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