sodium humate

Sodium humate used aquiculture

The most important thing for sodium humate in the cultivation of rice and shrimp is to prevent the growth of moss and the best way to treat shrimps after the outbreak of moss. Sodium humate is fertile and can also be used to supplement carbon energy. Usually we use prophylactic sodium humate and therapeutic sodium humate.

Preventive in the period of February to March, when the moss has not yet been released, if there are more straw in the rice field, we can add two pounds of sodium humate and Bacillus in one acre. Bacillus can break down straw, moss, and feed residues in the pond. Sodium humate can be shaded, so that moss is difficult to grow and develop. After 3 days of use, the fertilizer water.

Treating moss, if it is an empty pond without shrimp, use copper sulphate directly, so that all the moss can die. If there is a shrimp seedling, first pick up the moss that floated above, and then add more than 4 kg of sodium humate plus Bacillus per acre, and sprinkle with water. There are two types of sodium humate, one with a low powder content and one with a high tablet content. Sodium humate does not have the ability to kill moss directly. It only allows the moss to fail to photosynthesize, but slowly dies.

Sodium humate is generally used in winter and early spring, and can effectively close the light, causing the moss to die due to the inability to perform photosynthesis! It is harmless to shrimps!

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