Potassium humate benefits farming

Potassium humate is important in agricultural production

Potassium humate is important in agricultural production ,due to Potassium humate is a high-efficiency organic potassium fertilizer, because humic acid is a biologically active preparation, which can increase soil available potassium content, reduce potassium loss and fixation, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization, and improve Soil, promote crop growth, improve crop resilience, improve crop quality, and protect agricultural ecosystems. With the deepening of the concept of balanced fertilization, the source of humic acid has been accepted by more and more people, and is expected to be high. This article will introduce the effect of potassium humate.

Potassium humate is the best “companion” for improving quality and enhancing fertilizers. In recent years, the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center has carried out “two highs and three lesss”, “three doses” and “three effects” in the demonstration of Potassium humate fertilizer. “The new results have fully proved the superior effect of potassium humate to enhance the efficiency of chemical fertilizers.

Potassium humate regulates soil acid and alkalinity – potassium humate has a molecular weight ranging from several hundred to millions, and contains a variety of reactive functional groups. It can be developed through a variety of processes to adapt to alkaline or acidic soils. product.

Potassium humate meets the requirements of agricultural production – potassium humate can be adapted to local conditions, meet the needs of soil production under different time and space, zone and natural environment conditions, and meet the current agricultural production status and requirements.

Potassium humate rapidly increases soil fertility – the soil organic matter is less than two or three years old, and more than one hundred years. Industrial development using potassium humate can shorten the time of decomposing organic matter, benefiting it in the current year and even benefiting in the current season.
The combination of organic and inorganic humic acid potassium is good. Potassium humate can be combined with large, medium and micro nutrients and beneficial elements. Once combined, the best state of matching can be achieved. In the case of equal nutrients, potassium humate increased by an average of 10 percentage points or more, equivalent to a net increase of 30% to 40%.

Potassium humate can repair heavy metal pollution in soil – potassium humate can not only reduce the content of heavy metal pollutants in the soil, but also improve the “self-repairing” function of the soil, which is an excellent choice for soil remediation.

Potassium humate is a climatic factor of indigenous soils. Soil humic acid potassium itself has low carbonization properties. It uses humic acid potassium fertilizer and its derivatives to feed agriculture, save energy, low carbon, reduce emissions, and increase green color. It is more effective in developing climate agriculture. .

Four advantages of Beijing carbon source power high activity humic acid potassium
First, the use of modern technology to purify the mineral source of water-soluble humic acid potassium, provides a favorable guarantee for the production of green health food, reduce environmental pollution, reduce farmers’ production costs.

Second, it can greatly increase nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus, and promote potassium in the soil, cultivate soil fertility, and promote crop root development.

Third, it can be widely applied to food crops, cash crops, oil crops and flowers, etc. It has a wide range of crops and a wide range of use concentrations.

Fourth, the combination of potassium humate and nutrients is reasonable and has a synergistic nutritional effect, which can greatly reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Potassium humate is the most active element of organic matter in soil. The role of potassium humate can be summarized as “five doses”: soil improvers, fertilizer synergists, good pesticides, and antidote to pollutants. , a promoter of plant growth.

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