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Humic Acid

Relationship among soil, humic acid, and microorganisms

The soil is alive, and this life is the soil microbe. As we all know, soil is the base of microbes and a natural medium for microbial growth and reproduction. Humic acid runs through the life of the soil and is the “nucleus of life” of the soil. Without humic acid, the soil will lose […]

humic acid

Humic acid is an antidote to pollutants

The safe production of agricultural products and the environmental quality of agricultural production areas bear the brunt. Humic acid is rich in reactive functional groups such as carboxyl groups and phenolic carboxyl groups. Its strong adsorption to metal ions and organic pollutants is of great significance for alleviating heavy metals and organic pollution. Studies have […]

Humic acid supplements soil organic matter, deformed soil

Humic acid importance for soil

Humic acid is widely found in soils, lakes, rivers, oceans, and lignite, weathered coal, and peat. Humic acid is soil, she comes from the soil and goes to the soil. Humic acid is the best choice for supplementing soil organic matter On May 28, 2016, the State Council issued the Action Plan for Soil Pollution […]

Humic acid enhances fertilizer efficiency

Humic acid is essential for improving fertilizer efficiency

The concept of humic acid is well thought out, especially in the context of ecology, safety and environmental protection. The concept of humic acid is based on the mineral-organic nutrition theory, with humic acid as a platform and a diversified structure to build a safe, healthy, economic and sustainable ecosystem. Humic acid enhances plant fertilizer […]

Weathered coal humic acid

Weathered coal humic acid

Weathered coal, commonly known as outcrop coal, generally refers to products formed by the infiltration and weathering of lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, which are close to or exposed to the surface, through air, sunlight, rain, snow, sand, and ice. China’s weathered coal reserves are abundant, according to incomplete statistics, about 100 billion . In most […]

Humic acid

Humic acid reduce heavy metals in contaminated soil

With the rapid development of the economy, various industrial production processes emit a large amount of wastewater containing heavy metal ions. These heavy metal ions are mostly non-degradable toxic substances and do not have the natural purification ability. Once they enter the environment, they are difficult to remove. Heavy metal ions in the water environment […]

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