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potassium humate

Potassium humate enhances drought and stress resistance of crops

Potassium humate plays a significant role in enhancing drought and stress resistance of crops. 1.Potassium humate: reduce the opening of the pores and reduce the transpiration of water. After two days of spraying, the pore width can be reduced by 72.7%. 2.On the 9th day, the total transpiration was reduced by 13.7% compared with the […]

sodium humate feed grade

Pharmacological effects of sodium humate

Activated absorption of feed ingredients Due to the large molecular weight of humic acid itself, larger particles can be formed in a certain medium, so it has colloidal properties and adsorption capacity, forming good ion exchange and catalysis, and promoting the activation and absorption of feed components. 1.1 Sodium humate fully decomposes various complex molecular […]


Potassium humate effects when applied to soil

Quickly add carbon nutrition to solve the lack of soil “carbon” Potassium humate is rich in high-quality activated water-soluble humic acid ions. It is a high-quality organic carbon source, which can effectively supplement the soil due to insufficient mechanism to cause obvious carbon deficiency, regulate soil carbon-nitrogen ratio, and promote the rapid expansion of beneficial […]

humic acid

Humic acid enhances fertilizer efficiency and promotes crop fertility.

Improve fertilizer efficiency The role of humic substances in improving fertilizer efficiency is mainly reflected in the following aspects: nitrogen. Humic acid can significantly reduce the loss of nitrogen fertilizer, increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer, and have nitrification inhibition, prolonging the utilization time of plants. phosphorus. Humic acid can inhibit the fixation of […]

Fulvic Acid

What is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is a mixture of complex materials with similar and different structural structures, in which the soluble or dilute acid is fulvic acid. Other names include fulvic acid, fulvic acid, drought-resistant agent No. 1, and dry land dragon. Some also classify it as micro-fertilizer or foliar fertilizer. Fulvic acid is a high-quality organic fertilizer, […]

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