Fulvic Acid

What is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is a mixture of complex materials with similar and different structural structures, in which the soluble or dilute acid is fulvic acid. Other names include fulvic acid, fulvic acid, drought-resistant agent No. 1, and dry land dragon. Some also classify it as micro-fertilizer or foliar fertilizer.

Fulvic acid is a high-quality organic fertilizer, which has the functions of growth promoter, fertilizer effect enhancer, pesticide synergistic attenuating agent and soil improver. It has the characteristics of good water solubility, high activity and easy to be absorbed by crops.

Fulvic acid is a kind of small-molecule aromatic compound which is soluble in alkali and soluble in acid and water. It contains various reactive functional groups such as hydroxyl, phenolic hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Sulfur element composition, the dilute solution is brownish yellow.

Fulvic acid is the most essential ingredient in humic acid
Humic acid is a general term for humic acids. It is mainly divided into fulvic acid, brown humic acid and black humic acid. Among them, black humic acid and brown humic acid are only soluble in alkali, and fulvic acid is soluble in alkali and soluble. In acid and water, it can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops, so fulvic acid is the most essential component of humic acid.

Humic acid is a kind of aromatic organic weak acid mixture formed by a series of decomposition and transformation of animal and plant remains under the action of microorganisms and geophysical and chemical processes. It is composed of a variety of reactive functional groups and has good physiological activity and adsorption, complexation, Functions such as cation exchange are the main components of soil humus.

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